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Default Clio trouble

Hi everyone,
I have not been lampworking for a while and have been looking forward to using my order from DH. Part of that was some Clio (regular and seconds). I noticed straight away that the regular rods were a mid amber colour rather than a very light pinky clear, like my last batch.

After 2 frustrating days of trying to make some Bollywood Pink beads like I used to (thanks to Anouks tutorial) I am thinking I might have a mislabled lot of glass? The seconds rods are closer in colour to the ones I used to have,but don't give me any pink either

Anyone else having problems... any input would be greatly appreciated!!
I am working on a rather old Nortel Minor with 2 also rather old 5L Oxycons.
Have tried Clio over white, white, striking orange and clear, I heat it quite hot, shape, cool and reduce in a cool reduction flame....can not even seem to get the mirror shine more or an oil slick..... Tried Zephir, Super Clear and Aether....totally confused

Any suggestions?
Thanks, Petra

Any suggestions?
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