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When I use Clio, the only DH I seem to understand, I use any orangish rod I have; doesn't need to be a striking orange. Make a very small base bead, clear encase that thinly but absolutely totally down to the mandrel on the ends, no orange peeking out anywhere. Cool slightly, add the Clio, just working at the regular heat, slightly oxidizing flame. Get it shaped the way you want it. While it is still hot from working, hold it under the table to watch for it to go from bright (hot) to little or no glow. Wave the cooled off Clio at the end of a reducing flame (propane up or oxygen down) for literally four or five slow seconds. The bead will get a slight haze on it. Then encase thoroughly. You might want to be heating up the clear while you are cooling off the bead. When melting the encasement over the Clio heat only the clear, avoiding getting Clio directly in the flame. I like using a large diameter clear for this; more coverage, faster, less panic. I like to roll the Clio layer on a ribbed marver or cutting the clio layer with a blade before reducing and encasing. A VERY sparse sprinkle (literally 12 to 20 grains) of Kronos largish frit looks cool on the final clear layer. I use the exact equipment you are using. Good luck!
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