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Originally Posted by KJohn View Post

So Elke, are you saying it kiln strikes, and we should not expect much color before that?

Oh does mean you can see the deep pink when the bead has cooled down. It just looks unspectacular whilst the bead is still hot.
It has nothing to do with kiln striking.
When I started to work with Clio it took me some time to realize that I wont get the rich pink when I reduce Clio before encasing.
Of course you CAN reduce Clio but you' ll get more blue.
Clio is stated as striking and reducing color.
The blue striation in my lentils occured while I was encasing the barrel and wandered too much towards my torch.

When I got amber looking beads means I have not worked the initial bead hot enough to strike.
I made this one in 2010.......too much amber and blue.

A few weeks later I got it.....

With all of my description I just wanted to say that for me Clio always turns out the same no matter what the rod looks like.
But shit can happen and maybe Petra has gotten a mislabeled batch.

Here's a shot of all my Clio rods.

1. Batch from 2010
2. Batch from 2011
3. Batch from 2011 2nds
4. Batch from 2014
5. Batch from 2017 Clio dark

Thanks for the nice comments.

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