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Wow Elke, thank you so much for all that input it really is appreciated! Amazing the differences in all those Clio rods.

Here are a 3 beads I made last night...before I got your idea of the test bead.
The one on the left is striking orange over white, encased in clear, encased in Clio, cooled, reduced, encased in Zephyr.
the focal next to it has a base of striking orange, med amethyst and blueino over white, encased in clear, Clio, reduced, encased in Zephyr (the murrini did not work and while trying to salvage the bead I most likely overworked it)
I was looking for more pink... the pastel blue is nice, but not what I wanted
The 3rd one was actually the first one I made opaque orange, clear, clio, reduced and encased in Aether.... I am assuming it's the Aether reacting to turn it more to a greeny gold.....nice,but not what I was looking for.
Tomorrow I will try just to make a test bead as you suggested.
Again, vielen Dank Petra
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