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Default Using House Gas - U.K.

Hi all. I live in the U.K. and I was wondering about the possibility of using house gas (instead of propane) on my Bravo. Bethlehem burners state that due to the torch having been designed as a low pressure burner it will work happily with house gas.

I have read (somewhere (a U.K. source)) that this a consideration, and that it is simply a case of having an extra gas line added and the correct fitting (3/8 bsp) for the torch (with a shut off valve) installed.

I would appreciate any feedback on this as it will eliminate the need to have propane. I have a oxycon setup for the oxygen so to have a house gas line will allow for a bottle/tank free studio.

I respectfully ask if there is anyone in the U.K. that has some info on this please.
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