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Default Best ventilation for this space?

Hey everyone, after a 5 year hiatus from lamp working I’m looking to set up a small home studio again as a hobby. I worked semi-professionally for a few years and got burned out on production but now want to get back into making art pieces in my spare time.

The house I am renting has an 8’x10’ art studio shed in the backyard. It is small but has a lot of windows for light and ventilation. My thoughts are to work with the door and small window at the front of the photo wide open and set up an exhaust fan in the opposite window about 10ft. away with my bench and torch in front of the exhaust window. The side windows would remain closed and would just be for letting in natural light during the day. Since I rent I really want to rig something temporary up to the window and not drill through the walls. Not sure if a strong gable fan would work mounted in front of the torch with the make up air pulling in from behind me from the open door/window or would you guys still recommend a hood or funnel setup with an inline fan and running the short section of ducting out of plywood or insulation ran out of the window?

I will be working boro with either a gtt sidewinder or phantom doing small and medium sized work like sculptures, goblets, marbles, pendants, vases, the occasional pipe,etc.. The bench will be the whole width of the room with the torch positioned in front of the window in the center. Here are some photos of the space, please let me know your thoughts. Also attached a photo of a fan I thought could work but let me know if that fan is trash and if I should do a hood or funnel setup and what type of fan to use. There is an electrical outlet under the window so I need a fan that I can plug in and not something that needs hardwired since the shed is running off a heavy gauge extension cord ran to a gfi outlet on the house.

Also, let me know of that heavy gauge extension cord electrical setup should be a problem for the kiln. I have old 60s electric with only 4 20 amp breakers but the studio would have 1 dedicated 20 amp breaker as long as my tv is off since it is running off the living room circuit. Also the studio floor is plywood so I would remove those area rugs in the photos and put a piece of Hardi backer under my workbench.
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