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Originally Posted by FishBulb View Post
Regarding CIM and incompatibility, the issues I had were all with unencased beads. It's not just the encasing.

Sorry Michelle, you asked me about encasing black way back in this thread -- the odd time I do encase, if the base is black I just use Effetre. Never had a problem with it.
Were those the ones with crocus? I don't mix opalinos with non opalinos with CIM or any other brand without caution.
If not those beads I've never had issues when not encasing, I don't anneal any higher, I treat it as any other brand.

I'm sorry in advance, it just sort of rubs me to diss a whole line when others have not had problems, newbies will miss out on some gorgeous glass if this is what they read you know?

I don't encase often, but as said I do Hades, I don't own any Tuxedo.
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