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im the same as meg...ive got mine in jars, but its not alot.
I learned to lampwork in NC while on a teaching exchange....
and if i still lived probably buy glass rather than groceries!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but I do the "ooo, thats a nice coloured bottle...I'll make beads from that."
I know all the bartenders at the resorts and im always asking...."when that bottle is finished, yep the nice blue one, can I have it??? would you save it for me pretty please???" (they think im strange, but thats okay)
just made lovely spacers from Bombay Saphire Gin bottles...a very light transparent blue, and some light transparent olive spacers from wine bottles.

I cant imagine walking in a glass shop and not coming home with a car load of glass!!!!!....
mmmmmmm, probably why DH brought me to live on an island.....its further from the store!!!!LOL!!!!!!
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