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Default New Image Uploader now available!

We now have a brand new, custom coded image uploader here at LWE! Here's how it works:

You can use the Uploaded Images Manager to upload new images and view already-uploaded images. The Uploaded Images Manager is available in the User CP and whenever you are posting. Images that are uploaded are tied to your account. Each uploaded image is assigned an Image ID number. Once you've uploaded a given image and you have the Image ID assigned, you can display that image in posts and signatures using the special bbcode image tag. For example, if your uploaded image has been assigned an Image ID of 123, you can use the following bbcode in posts and in your signature to display that image:

PHP Code:
The image uploader has a few advantages over the file attachment feature:
- Uploaded images can be used in a signature.
- Images don't have to be uploaded multiple times to be displayed in multiple posts.
- Uploaded images can be inserted anywhere (and in any order) within a post rather than having all attached images displayed at the bottom of the post.
- You can display uploaded images in PMs.
- Just like [img] images hosted elsewhere, uploaded images can be included in quoted segments of a reply.

If you are using the basic or standard editor, you can even click on the bbcode in the Uploaded Images Manager popup window and have the code automatically pasted into your post for you just like with smilies (as long as the popup was opened from the post editing page you are on). This auto-pasting feature isn't available with the WYSIWIG editor; with that editor, you'll have to hand-enter or cut/paste the bbcode into your post.

I think that's about it. I just finished coding this today, so there will surely be some issues to work through and improvements to be made. Please post any questions, issues, and suggestions relating to the new uploader to this thread.

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