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Default Help! Should I buy this Respironics EvenFlo oxycon

I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong place. This maybe should be in torches?

I recently decided to take up lampworking after taking several classes and I purchased a Bethlehem Alpha, used, (for the price of a new, but that's another story). Now I'm looking to get the oxygen and other necessities to get started. I have checked welding supply places and the cost of a 20 cubic foot tank is over $115, plus I have to buy a regulator, etc., then would cost $25 per refill. Medical supply tell me they won't sell without a prescription and any oxygen concentrators that are no longer suitable for medical uses are returned to the manufacturer, so that was a bust and too pricey anyway.

I found a used Respironics EvenFlo online locally. It apparently belonged to an elderly relative and has been taking up space in a closet for 3 years. The price is $100, negotiable.

What do I need to know about this unit before I buy it? It sounds like a decent price if it works, and he'll probably come down, but I know nothing about oxygen concentrators. Can anyone tell me what to check out?

Thanks! I'm beginning to suffer buyer's remorse and wish I'd just bought a hothead kit!

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