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Thanks, Mike.

And BeyBey, to be totally honest, my DWP is pretty shy, and she asked me not to post any pictures of her work yet.

She has only been torching for around a year now...but in my opinion, she rocks!

She not only does beadwork, but she's also an AWESOME wire worker.

I am a very creative person. And I usually get ideas from something I have seen...then add to it to create something that is unique to myself. But my DWP doesn't need inspiration. She can pretty much just sit down and make some incredibly cool stuff. (She usually carries around a small, blank, note pad to scribble her ideas on. And at times, she has woke-up from sleep, just to sketch something down that came to her in her sleep).

If you look closely, you MAY be able to see some of her work on that black rotating earring stand.

And "Yes"...she has sold many of her hand-made jewlery pieces. (Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets).

Thanks for asking.

Enjoy the pix.

In Christ: Raymond

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