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Default where I got my name

[quote=crofootadv;3206923]Cool name btw, is there a story behind it ?

Not a very exciting story behind the name - stonepillowglass - but here it is:
Several years ago a name for a rock band popped into my head. I'm not in a band, don't play an instrument etc, etc. but a name popped in anyways. The name was 'Steel Pillow'. So now I want a website for my glass and I'm thinking - steelpillowglass... , but then I'm thinking that steel doesn't go with glass very well (yeah, yeah I know-I've been walking past steel and glass buildings most of my life) so I thought - stone - ah ha, that's it - stone pillow; in my mind 'stone pillow' feels a little bit softer than 'steel pillow'. (Now I'm thinking that the 'o' sound in stone is softer sounding than the 'ee' in steel.)
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