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Originally Posted by cheng076 View Post
I am a bit cavalier about my setup. I have the propane tank in a plastic tool box along side the studio. The regulator is on the tank. I have hard pipe bringing the propane into the studio through the wall and a shut off valve on the inside. Then hose to the manifold and torches. I open the propane tank valve when I start to torch and close it after the session. I often do not bleed off or burn off the propane in the line.
With some extra precautions you can bring the regulator inside but for me it is not necessary since I have to walk by the propane storage box comming and going from the studio anyway. I never change the regulator setting and it has always been OK but I watch it as the presure builds when I open the valve for each session. There is always a few psi of drop. I watch for the regulator to 'catch' the pressure and hold it.
My setup is almost identical to yours except I don't have a manifold, just a Y connector if there's an extra torch on. I run it pretty much the same way.

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