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Originally Posted by mandyjw View Post
When I work without ventilation my chest feels really awful and I might eventually get a headache all of which will go away within an hour or two away from the torch. I have had no symptoms whatsoever from torching without ventilation like a sore throat like you described. That however is exactly how I feel around dust or mold. Is it possible you are having allergies to something in the spare room and the problem is not the ventilation or lampworking?
Thanks for your opinion, interesting, you work without ventilation and do not have breathing problems? i have it with wentilation and it lasts for some days... there is no dust in the room, it used to be my daughters room, absolutelly clean has to do with torching only...but maybe an alergy to something in the glass...more than a headache I have the problem it in my breathing system...well, not nice, but can be it!
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