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Originally Posted by PerlenFlo View Post

I read this comments about the Barley box and honestly I have never used it.

But my understanding is: The sooner you suck the used air into any tubes the better. As you can see on my pictures my system is leading the air upwards, where the temperature would bring it anyway.

As I said I haven't tested a Barley box, but this means the air has to go up to the hood and get's sucked in from full width. This way it get's unused air and the used one has time to mix with the unused one. Not sure if that is as efficient as a exactly positioned tube.

As I described, I use my hands to feel the temperature. And in that case the temperature is identical with the used air. Meaning, if the hot air stream is sucked into the tube and you can move your hands around the opening of the tube, this is the maximum you can reach. I tested this even with holding a large bead into the flame and it get's all sucked in.

Barley box is a big advantage if you use different positions or torches, so you don't need to change the tube angle all the time to have the best position.

But I still don't have any idea why you have the symptoms with the exhaust.

I know a bead maker who presses the body against the torch, so that the nose is very close to the flame. She always had to drink a lot to reduce the effects caused by the radiant heat (very different with different torches).

Hope you find a good solution soon.
Thanks for your support. I have tried your method with hands, removed the funnel, no way... What I am doing is moving the torch/table to opposite external wall and so will have no tubing...will try Barley box with the fan attached to the back side and exhaust directly out... something between your solution and standart B box. I have an impression that the air is moving around the end of my current tubing, maybe because of the type of tubing and its way, even the flame is moving ...and yes Im sitting very near, my head above the torch... Asap I will post a picture... thanks again... have a great day...if and when I resolve the problem I was thinking about your bottle glass you do any in english? I speak very basic german only...

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