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Eileen, I never used this particular product but have some dichro flakes from BE (coe 90) - in fact small size dichro frit made with thin glass and it works just fine for fusing. Fusing temperatures are really cool comparing to torch ones - 1500F or below that means it is more difficult to burn off the coating even if it is exposed and fused several times. The key thing is not to put a thick layer, thin and even is enough since coating must be in contact with the glass to fuse well. Small amount goes a long way. You can use some fusing glue to help you arrange the flakes, it burns off without any traces.

There are a lot of options - you can arrange a layer of flakes over a sheet of glass of your choice, cover with a layer of clear (or light tint transparent) and fuse. Mix some flakes with clear (or, again light tint) frit and fuse it in a mold or arrange the mix on a piece of kiln shelf paper in a way (in this case you will want some thickness because a layer of 1/4" of cold frit will give you 1/8" or so when fused) and use this thin component later on as a part of another design. For overlaying the colours use clear between the layers of different colors - interesting 3D holografic effects can be achieved this way.
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