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Talking Additional Forum Resources

At CorriDawn's suggestion, I'm posting these here. Please feel free to add to the list!

Glasswork: (compiled primarily by Mike Aurelius) added 7/07 (membership required to post) (note that this forum will soon be moving away from EZBoard, into a VBulletin-based board, which will also include the Marble board ) (for hardcore furnace glass people) (for hardcore fusing/slumping people);index (used to be one of the major glass-related discussion boards, now it's gotten kinda wierd) (aka the Other Brad Board, another hardcore furnace glass board) (very lightly and rarely used) (small, but promising) (Glass Bead Makers Forum) (The new GLDG website. This is also a vBulletin website, and does require registration) (just started in the Netherlands -- a Dutch forum for everyone who is working with glass)

Stained Glass

Technical & Safety -- Hot Glass

Jewelry/Silverwork: (extensive gem & jewelry info resource) (chainmaille -- mainstream jewelry & armor/goth stuff) (Creative Wire Jewelry -- wire wrapping & some chainmaille weaves. The "free" version only lets you search back 30 days, but paying members will gladly search the entire archive if you ask nicely) (International Guild of Wire Jewelry Artists) (Danielle from WC) (chainmaille) (Wetcanvas Wearable Arts Forum)
(The Ringlord's forum)

PMC (PMC Guild, home page has links to lots of info)


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