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Originally Posted by Sachimi View Post
Whoehooo... ... I finaly got my Cricket yesterday!!

It got hold up at costums for more than 2 weeks because GTT forgot to put the invoice with the package !

It got me al lot off extra time, calls and an extra bill of 120$ (and this for an initial invoice of 331$)

But I've already forgotten that because today and tomorrow I'm only leaving my little studio just to eat and sleep

Have a nice weekend,
I think the problem was with the customs office - they lost the invoice. GTT sent the invoice with the torch. They are very careful when packing, especially items that are being shipped overseas. When notified of the problem, they faxed a duplicate invoice over right away. I don't understand why they would still charge you more than the regular duties and fees. That's government bureaucracy for you.

You got two Crickets, didn't you? Have fun torching this weekend!!!
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