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Default Wow! what a mess this post has become!

Every year some one comes up with another torch and all of a sudden it becomes the "it" torch to buy. When I first started I got a 8M (still love it) and it got hacked cause the body got hot etc. and then the company changed the body and the heat problem got solved, but the negatives post put a black eye on the 8 M for awhile. Then the Lynx was the hot torch and I drooled over it till a kind person gave it to me for a Christmas gift. Now all these torches out are adding so much confusion as what is superior over another. My answer is "none are superior to another it is just how you learn to use your torch and what your needs are." Be thankful you have one and can make glass beads, sculpture or whatever. Let us all learn to love the torch we have and try and learn all we can about it and then when we have more funds or a desire to try different torches go purchase another torch. It may or may not fit the stage of glass working you are in, so get another torch and another torch, and another till you are happy if that is possible as we are such creative people, always trying something new. One may be enough to meet your needs forever (look at the Hothead owners that make as beautiful beads as any out there) or six torches would to you would be better. Glass bead making is always in some form of an experimental stage and that is why it keeps my interest up. Peg M

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