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"Originally Posted by one hot beader View Post
Not even all ivories make good SIS.

I;ve had trouble with my SIS for a while, no nice webbing, just grey and nasty.
I was blaming the silver leaf...opened a new pack, bought a different brand...still grey.
I blamed the new torch, dual fuel vs hot head.

Then one day I happened to use a really really OLD SIS stringer I had made many years ago. It was in a tray of old twisties I was trying to use up.

I had my gorgeous webby reactive SIS back!

After some extensive testing, I discovered all the newer Dk Ivory I have gives the nasty grey reaction. Only the old egg shaped rods give the nice webby reaction.

I guess I'm trying to say, if you are not succeeding at SIS it might not be your fault."

Thank you for this.
A lot of the colors have changed over the years and most not for the better.
The bottom line is the cost of the materials used and the ability to get the same quality or even the same materials. That is where testing comes in for the lampworkers...Lots of it..LOL

Thanks for sharing everyone and making this a very instructional and tutorial thread!
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