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The only torch I've ever used is a minor with 2 oxy concentrators, and I use my knobs all the time, I tend to work very hot. Even on one bead, I go from medium to melt, full boat propane to reduce, to a fine pinpoint just a slight 1/2 inch from the torch head for detail. If I see carbon building up on a port, I just flick it off with my knife and keep working. I clean my ports a few times a week but found the most important thing is to not ever let your propane tank get so low that it runs out. I swap out when I'm about 2/3 down, that way I'm not getting any gunk on my beads from the additives in the propane. The first time I see my glass get an air bubble, new tank.

I've been thinking of adding a Cudda, but I love the small pinpoint flame I get with my minor that I'm not sure I could adjust to a new torch if I couldn't get so up and personal with the flame.
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