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i cant respond to every comment here as i am not sure who you all are but you are all welcome to contact me directly at 866-342-4764 if you do have problems with abr that you would like to discuss with abr.

But to the person who opened this thread we have emailed you via reply button three times!!!!

please do call us as we do not know where to send the refund as we have emailed you many times in the past few weeks and no response from you!
please double check your spam or your reply address as something is not working
call me monday and we will get you taken care of!

as for the rest of you with any issues , first make sure you are speaking about abr, get out your invoice and call me
i am sure we can fix any issues you may have!
i am here m-f 8-5 eastern-central

thanks everyone else for the good reviews! maybe we can get some of these other guys - girls to feel the same if they would contact the correct person at our company me!!!


ps you can also email me at
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