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Originally Posted by Kalera View Post
I personally tend to suspect that cracking issues are more likely annealing temperature or compatibility issues, but various people keep bringing it up as a reason for cracking, and I have to question it because it just doesn't sound right, and if it is, why is this the only glass that has that problem?
I've seen it brought up a time or two in various posts. I'm not going searching for them. I brought the BE info up in response to the "no other glass" has that problem statements. It seems that other glass can, indeed, have that problem, under some conditions.

I'd guess the folks that brought it up read it off the site and since they do work cooler, suggested others try it. The working tips are compiled from some users experience, and posted. The folks selling the glass are newbies to the field, thus using terms like "foaming" instead of boiling or devitrifying or shattering when referring to shocky rods.

Much like some folks will suggest heating the vermiculite in the crock pot, though logic doesn't follow on that practice either. I'd bet that phrasing will probably fade off the site eventually, as folks get more experience with the glass.
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