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Originally Posted by rainygrrl View Post
Wow, thanks Kathy although I think I just went into information overload lol. I certainly don't know this much info about any other type of glass I work with!

So if you made a bead with 2 colors and the slump temp for one was below the annealing temp range for the other (eg, bordello and french blue), would proportions of the colors determine whether it would deform? Or don't we know yet? I'm just trying to grasp this conceptually.
Can we get an answer on this please? I have the same question about using it with Moretti. I have to say that I LOVE this glass but I won't buy any more or use it because of this issue. For example, I don't sit down to make CIM Cirrus beads only. I make what I want. And if I have to have the kiln higher than Moretti's slump point, or even other colors of CIM, in order it use Cirrus, I just won't use it. I don't want to slump beads in order to anneal others.

It's too bad, I really like it and I've been waiting FOREVER for a opal colors. They're so pretty! But it's just too difficult to use. If glass is 104, it should be able to be used with other 104 pretty easily. Same goes for ASK glass.
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