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Originally Posted by shawnette View Post
If you're going to be running tanks, the Bravo is hotter & wider than the Lynx. If you're going to run oxycons, the Lynx is hotter on MY setup. If you get a more powerful setup, the Bravo would probably be hotter.
I'm definitely going to be running both inner and outer fire off of tanked oxy for a while, because I basically saved up in order to get everything I need to start working but not everything I'm going to eventually want to use. I'm not even going to be purchasing the kiln immediately (someone will be letting me use theirs), so oxycons are way down on my list of priorities. Eventually, though, I hope to be running maybe 2 M20's on the Bravo based on the info I've seen around the forums.

The truth is, this is currently a hobby for me, but if/when I reach a point where I'm making legitimate money off of it then I assume I'll eventually be upgrading to a higher tier torch anyway.
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