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Originally Posted by LarryC View Post
Well. Again based on what you want to make, I would start with a Lynx and I am fairly certain eventually you will want something that has the heat capacity of the mirage. I used to make 2" Boro marbles on my Lynx using compressed Ts for oxygen. You can work a very long time on the Lynx with one T sized tank. I then switched to a Mirage and a liquid dewer and my gas costs per marble are now way down. The triple mixes from GTT are quite a bit more oxygen efficient then most and where cost is concerned efficiency is more important than volume. In my opinion the Phantom is kinda middle of the road and not optimum in any way. The Mirage is the workhorse of their line. Sounds like you know where you want to go.
Considering I'll be making oil rigs and in the dab world the motto is "smaller ir better" when it comes to functional water pipes, I'm just not sure i could justify the extra consumption of a Mirage.
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