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Originally Posted by KA View Post
I run three concentrators into an air compressor for a GTT Mirage. I have found 99% oxygen (bottled) is much better for fuming than the 95+/-% oxygen I get with the concentrator(s). I am not saying you canít fume with 95% you just get the full spectrum of colors with the purer oxygen. I find other things, like vortex and opal inclusions as satisfying because the concentrators are so much more economical than bottled. Just my opinion.
I just recently got a homefill and Iíve been getting better spectrum with my new setup. That being said Iíve figured out a few things and Iím thinking getting the full range is all about flame tech. Have to work farther out in flame and I also use kiln crash to bring the blues out. Do you have a holding tank with your oxy setup? Peace✌🏻
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