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Originally Posted by indigolove11 View Post
Iím not sure if this would be the best place to post my question but Iíve gotta tryó
After Iím done with a session on my torch ( Beth bravo 3 oxy cons and propane) for some reason it always smells of bleach upstairs in the house.. I do have a little ventilation going on but I live in an old house that has its own fairly breezy ventilation due to it just being old and not updated or very heat efficientÖ why does it always smell that way?? It wasnít an issue in my last studio set up but I had only one story then and hence never was up above where I was working atÖ is it just the ozone from my oxy cons or my torch or what? Anyone have any ideas Iím really curious if itís potentially bad for the rest of the household members and me as well!!?? Thanks in advance!
You are smelling Nitrogen Dioxide. It is building up in your workspace and can be dangerous. It has the characteristic bleach smell.

You need to improve your ventilation soon!
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