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Default OxyCon Suggestions

Greetings Everyone!

I know that this has been discussed many times over as I have read through countless threads involving anything I can about oxycons but there is always the fact that a lot of these were written years ago and well things change. Plus, I still have questions.

I am finishing up my studio and have most everything in place so I went to get an Oxygen tank on rent from the one supplier within 2 hours of our remote location and come to find out they are no longer renting tanks. His price for the tanks (as he wants to sell them all) is more than I can get one shipped here new, and quite frankly, I have no desire to be lifting oxygen tanks as I have injuries that come into play. So my hand has been forced into looking at spending even more money before I can get up and running.

This is a long way to say: What oxycons are worth getting these days and who to get one through as I have read enough horror stories of people buying worthless junk that I want to steer clear of the "be cheap to pay later" scenario.

Right now I have a Lynx and expect to graduate to a Scorpion at some point....and hopefully that will be as big as I need to go for my glassy dreams to become reality and I would like to not have to do this again just to change over.

I plan to be working about 4-6 hour days probably 4-5 days a week max....and would like to fully power these torches (not at the same time) rather than only be running at 50-60% as I plan to put them to work with Boro as well as soft....

Now....What I have been looking at as far as GTT's fuel and oxy usage charts say that these two are pretty similar in their needs. Maybe that is not the reality and I would love to know.

My budget is tight as I have just put a lot into the set-up and I need to get to work to pay for it under $2k (as far under as I can get it) is my thought there.

The best candidate I have found from the book knowledge I have is a Airsep Intensity 10lpm 22psi....but I would love to hear if there is something better to consider....or a reason to steer clear....

So any thoughts would be appreciated on what model(s) would work best, good people to buy from and without getting into mudslinging, places to avoid purchasing from.

One last thing is what do I need to think about as far as hooking up from my b-fittings to the oxycon so I can plan that as well.....

Thanks in advance and hope you are all well and enjoying the day!
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