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That GTT chart info for the Scorpion is with a Bobcat (or possibly Cricket) centerfire. If you will be upgrading to the Scorpion/Lynx model (highly suggested) it would need more like 13.5lpm at 15psi.
Regardless, that Airsep unit is a good choice and will more than maximize both torches. A new unit would be best but it might be just over-budget and require a prescription. The refurb units start around $1300 and come with their own risk.
Devilbiss 1025 is another good choice (10lpm @ 22psi) in the same price range.

I bought a 5lpm Elite from oxygenplusconcentrators and have been satisfied. Good price, good shipping/packing, and it runs well. Doesn't have the starting beep of the alarm which concerns me a bit.

Good luck!
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