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I sympathize with you. I experienced huge issues when I switched from a Minor to a Lynx. I was doing so well with boro beads on the Minor. Because the Lynx was three times the price of the Minor, I honestly think I was expecting my results to be three times as good. HA! What a surprise I got! I couldn't make boro strike, I couldn't get the flame adjusted right, oxy pressure higher? propane pressure lower? I couldn't do squat. I was so frustrated. I was disappointed. I even got angry. Then, I had a long talk with myself........deep breath; another deep breath.....

When I regained my equilibrium, I decided part of every learning journey includes a test. Usually, those "tests" poke at one of your most vulnerable spots. (Like for me, my PATIENCE was being tested by the Lynx. You mean, I couldn't just take it out of the box, hook it up, and master the danged thing in an hour? So, I was ticked at the torch. Should have been examining my own unreasonable expectations instead.)

Finally, I got a grip. I set a reasonable goal. When I first started with lampwork, it took me at least 40 hours of PPP to feel like I could consistently make a decent round bead with good boro color. I decided I would give myself EXACTLY 40 hours of PPP on the Lynx. If I didn't feel things were clicking better by then, I would hook up the Minor again. I knew I would be ticked at myself if I caved and didn't try to learn. That's just me. Stubborn as all hell.

I went back to basics. Kept an open mind. Wrote down my questions and called GTT for answers. (BTW, they were a great help on the phone.) Took pointers and hints from folks on the LE forum. I began to see a little bit of light. That was a year ago.

I can only report that today I have made peace with my Lynx. I am still learning--every time I sit at the torch. But, I feel quite a bit better about my own skill. Also, I like the idea that I may go to a studio class someday and find that they are using Lynx torches or some other model. I won't be nearly as intimidated because I have had more exposure and understand the learning curve IS NORMAL!

BTW, I am expecting delivery of an oxy con in a couple weeks. I'm betting that I will be challenged again as I try to adjust to the differences between the oxy concentrator and tanked oxy. AS long as I keep trying to learn more and improve my skills and equipment, I'll continue to experience these learning challenges. It's part of the package. And, I'm not good at standing still....

Feel free to contact me if you think I might be able to help in some way. Hang in there!
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