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Originally Posted by oxydoc View Post
You are absolutely right. But, I don't hear anyone calling and asking me "where is my money?" They know that the money goes toward the purchases I have to make. People also have the option of a down payment. I will get to the point someday when I can cut the wait down to a couple weeks. But, back in the day when we had distributors, they did exactly the same thing. They took orders, collected the money, then call in their order to us. Look on their website and see what the wait is on some of their equipment. I doubt very seriously if they don't require a full or partial payment up front. Some of them do have enough working capital to stock most of the items. But like every other product, demand rules and cannot be foreseen or prepared for. It all really comes down to what I tell my customers when they call or email for a status check. I have to tell them something. "I have no idea when it will be ready" sure as hell wont cut it. Oh yea, while you are looking at the Glass Supplier's availability on equipment, check out the prices. jack
For the record, I specifically asked you over the phone where my money was and was told it was none of my business.

You also told me over the phone more times than I care to remember that you were shipping out my equipment, and nothing has materialised.

Reputation is everything in business. I haven't received any tracking numbers yet. I guess you haven't sent anything out at all.
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