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Okay, something different I've done for silvered stringer is to take a gather of dark ivory and place it in DH Triton powder, melt it in and pull a stringer from that. In the first pic, the bead on the left is that stringer on a white base. I think I did a few passes. It doesn't maintain any of that Triton silvery reduced look, but it does give you a darker more crackly look. The bead on the right is just there for comparison, regular sis.

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...Opal yellow sounds like its worth a try. Foil and leaf would have different effects, I think, whatever you use...
And it's funny you should mention, I had made this stringer, used it for dots, reduced and encased and it just looked like dirty white. I had three stringers just sitting there, waiting, for months lol. So I tried again after seeing this post, and reduced, but didn't encase and got the results in the second pic (on effetre black). I plan on trying to dot it again and instead of encasing I'm just going to dot clear over the dots of silvered opal yellow. I think melting in the encasement causes too much of the silver to poof-disappear.

Edit: I'll add that the reason I tried this was because I had read that Opal Yellow "reacts with silver" so I was silver leafing solid OY beads and adding dark ivory frit and the results were okay, but not worth the OY and leaf lol...
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