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Default My studio setup thread

aka "and so it begins..."

Really it's just a room in my house. Studio sounds much grander though. I learned a lot from reading others studio threads, so I figured I'd post one of my own as well.

All the parts for the venting arrived, so I've been getting that ready. I have to say, I'm glad I work at a computer rather than trades or construction. My back, knees and hands are killing me, and that was only after a few hours of work. I also learned that a hole saw won't cut through fiber cement siding without completely ruining it, and that a drill can whip around and smack you in the hand when it binds up.

Anyhoo, some pics so far:
- the first two are before pics - the messy storage in my mechanical room
- cleaned up, table with barley box bones
- some tile for surface
- messy again! tools & stuff
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