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Originally Posted by Speedslug View Post
I am just concerned that 450 cfm is too small.

Didn't someone figure that 125 times the square foot of the hood opening was a minimum of some sort? Brains stop functing after a certain age I think.
It's probably right on the edge. I'd read 100/ for fume boxes, 125/ for overhead hoods. The face of the box is 2' x 2' so it's close. We'll have to see how it works when it's all operational. I was limited to 6" ducting to get out through the rim joist (?) because the walls you see there are rebar'd concrete up to the ceiling height. If it's not enough, I'll have to do another 6" hole somewhere.

Minor addition today: nice storage for small stuff, maybe frit, maybe who knows? $20 at home depot, it's all plastic, but has nice 'blast shields' over the trays to keep out stray stuff.
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