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Default Built my Mail box kiln

I finished my Mail box Kiln. I bought a large Rural mail box from menards ~26$ it is BIG, (~24x14x11). I lined the bottom with Insulating Fire Bricks ~35$ and the top with 1.5" frax. I picked up the heating element at a surplus store. I built the controller with a simple PID controller and SSR. the kiln works great!

It will get up to 1050* in 30 minutes, and 1200* in 45 min. the outside is not that hot, 140-160** for the sides and top, and 180*-215* for the front and back. it is also quite cheap to run. i hooked it up to my Kill-A-Watt meter and the ramp up to 1050* is about $0.02, and each hour holding at 1050* is $0.04. so quite a cheap kiln to use. I am very satisfied.

the last step is to hit the frax with some rigidizer tonight.
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