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It is definitely in Fahrenheit. It is a older pyrometer in a case, Johnstone ? I believe. It has a ceramic thermocoupler that I insert through the peephole. I got some cones, Orton 022, and the way I did it was I fired the kiln fully on til the pyrometer read 950, i then dialed the firing rate back to hold the temp and let it sit for a while to even out. I then inserted a cone and within a few minutes it was a blob. So I dialed the firing rate way down til it was sitting at 700. I slowly raised the firing rate like every thirty minutes until the cone started to bend. The sweet spot I found was a lower firing rate with the pyrometer reading around 820F... So hopefully I have it figured out and maybe it's just the firing rate ?? . Also this is my first time using cones so not sure if my method is accurate but I would think if bending temp is around 1060F on the cone, as long as my temp was staying constant it shouldn't matter.
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