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I know you did not ask about this but it caught my eye when I was looking at your site. Everything looks nice and uniform except for you pagination numbers. You are using a bright red color for the active page and that is the only place I really see the bright red. I would suggest making that a more uniform color. Also for the active page number I would add some left padding or margin on that number so that it is not so close to the - that separates the page numbers. Here are a few screen shots I took so you could see exactly what I mean.

Another suggestion is for your Striking Color logo header, I would suggest that you find a better quality image to use for this. In my browser it appears all pixelated as if you took a smaller image and blew it up to a larger size. Whenever you do this you lose quality as the image editor attempts to fill in pixels that do not exist with what it deems necessary. This leads to you seeing a pixelated image which turns out fuzzy looking.

If you cannot find a higher quality image you may want to have a designer create you one from scratch. If you do this make sure they make it really large so that you can scale "down" to any size you require. Using this method you will not get pixelated results like you are currently seeing.

Please don't take this critique to heart I am not trying to offend rather provide suggestions as I have been doing development since 1997

EDIT: I just noticed Artfire is a service you are using and changing this stuff (aside from your striking color logo) is probably out of your control.
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