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Question Are Oxygen Concentrators Quiet?

Hello! This is my first post.

RE: Oxygen Concentrators.

Do they make much noise? I really enjoy not having alot of loud noise when making beads. Are certain brands quieter than others?

I have a Minor Burner, and hope to upgrade soon to a Major Burner, or ??. How do I find out the output of a used concentrator...and whether it will run my torch?

What is the most cost effective way to get an O2 concentrator? Are the rebuilt ones just as good? Does anyone out there use a rebuilt concentrator and who did you get it from? it complicated to take a used concentrator that was used for medical purposes and convert it for torch use? Is there a safety issue?

Do you have any recommendations or warnings before I invest in this? Is it simply better to buy from a known vendor? Who do you recommend? final question...are they just as easy to hook up as my O2 tank?

Thanks for all your help! I am learning so much from this forum.

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