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Yes I agree its not some thing any one should not mess around with inside inless they are willing to take the risk of voided warrentys or knowing what any change they are makeing does,

If Someone has a pcs of junk older one and they can get some better proformance out of it. And they feel confortable in the plumbing jungle inside.
some can be tweeked a tiny bit if they know what they are looking at once they are looking at it. with out to much to loss if it don't give much better proformance. and to much or the wrong thing will dramaticly LOWER proformance and longevity.
I know you do stand behind the ones you sell with a warranty and a very good warranty at that. So it would seem as any in good shape and still under warranty would be at the best proformance already. And in that case if 1 is not cutting it for some ones needs. or they need more o2. its prob a sign they need to add a 2'nd one.
Don't anyone go frankinstiening There Good o2 gens.
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