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Originally Posted by KJohn View Post
Also I want to say that I have heard those small propane canisters are difficult to work with as they can burn dirty. Mapp gas would be much better. I had two of the Devardi torches to start, problems led me to buy an actual Hothead. Problems with that led to an oxy/propane set up. The fault is partly the climate here, it was hard on the o-rings that they all used to seal the torches. Good luck!

i am noticing i can not get a clean flame for the life of's always half orange and as soon as the glass touches it, it gets dirty...I am having a lot of trouble not feeling discouraged by this frustration. I think tomorrow I am going to get some mapp gas and try that.

if the flame still burns dirty, should I assume it is the torch? (devardi has a replacement torch on the way for me, i was quite stunned when they offered)
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