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Originally Posted by ShazMcNasty View Post
I use a hothead too and the flame is never orange. Except when I douse something in the cup of water nearby, it goes orange for a sec. It sounds like a defective torch honestly. Your flame should be blue with some yellow at the base but not orange around the edges. You are correct, that is a dirty flame.

I hate to say it but you'll want to wait for a replacement. You're gonna have dirty beads all around with what you have and you don't wanna waste that glass!

edit: I am too broke to use MAPP gas all the time so I switched to Propane and have no issues with the hothead.

thank you for the information. i am still picking up some mapp gas today so i can atleast see if it is the torch or the propane. if i still get bad flames today, ill be waiting for the replacement torch. thank you very much for your time
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