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Different glass goes through different color changes as it heats. I'm not sure what you mean by "burns" unless you mean gets soft enough to flow? Clear does turn glowing, white turns transparent, some turn a hot pinky purple, the warm colors all look black in a certain temperature range, etc. As you use them you will get more familiar with that, and what those colors mean. You could even just heat the end and make a gather and watch the glass to see how it acts and what color changes it goes through as it heats.

Also remember that just because they don't look hot does not mean that they aren't hot, and you need to be careful to not touch the hot ends when they are in that state!

Do you have (or does your library have) any books on making beads? They have a lot of information in them that should be helpful to you.

Passing the Flame (Corrina Tettinger)
Making Glass Beads (Cindy Jenkins)
and others are out there, and very helpful to get started.
My current "hot" fantasy involves a senior discount on glass & tools!
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