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Originally Posted by echeveria View Post
While I think that may work for one torch, household pressure is not ideal for the manifolded setup that the OP asks about. I realize you were responding to Elizabeth, just wanted to weigh in again about how crappy 16 torches on household pressure run. I can fall asleep waiting for ivory to melt.

It seems like if it works for 1 torch (none of this applies, otherwise), then the pressure is high enough, flow is the problem, and a bigger pipe could fix the flow problem without a booster. I'm not sure that a booster would fix that problem, either, since, the booster's job is to increase pressure, and I don't know if it does anything with flow. The cheapest fix/first thing to try would be having the gas company turn up the pressure (sometimes they will), and next would be running bigger pipes/hoses inside the studio (not the ones to it, but inside).

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