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Give this link a try:


Gas Tec make a number of NG boosters. They are not inexpensive. They may have some refurbished units available for less cost. Phone and ask.

Check the regulator on your NG meter for pressure. It is often stated in WC or water column and posted on the end cap on some systems. Then use the net for a conversion of WC to PSI. If the WC is 6.5 - 7.5 then the PSI ranges from .23 to .27 PSI.

NG firms often will not increase the pressure as it is an increased liability. The more pressure the more volume of gas should a leak occur. A commercial factory, etc often has a greater WC than a home. But policies vary from location to location.

Also if pressure is moved up, one has to consider the replacement of all appliance gas regulators that had inputs in the .2 PSI range.

One very general test would be to test the torch with propane. Run at 5 PSI and then reduce to .2 - .5 PSI. Readjust oxygen for the proper flame at the various fuel pressures.
I don't know how accurate testing with propane will be, because propane has more heat per CF than natural gas has.

from :
  • 100,000 BTU/hr furnace will use about 97 cubic feet of natural gas (100,000 1,030 = 97.1) in one hour
  • 100,000 BTU/hr furnace will use about 40 cubic feet of propane (100,000 2516 = 39.7) in one hour
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