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Default Problems with setup

Hello everyone I have had some problems with my set-up. I was given a very jerry rigged setup by the person who taught me how to blow glass at a very discounted rate, all it consists of is just a welding torch, a regulator, propane and an oxygen concentrator(Visonair V). He had used this set up for something like 7-10 years I believe before passing it off to me. He found it very economical. I had no problems with the set up in 2015-2017. Than I moved and had to put everything away in storage and started going to college and just didn't have time anymore. I recently found the time to start again and was really excited but when I got everything set up I found that it worked for all of 5 minutes. The set up used to have no problem with borosilicate glass, it did all temps necessary and worked quite well, it just wasn't pretty. Now I can barely get anything red hot. I was able to get a rod bent slightly before the oxygen crapped out. The oxygen turns on just fine, it runs at 4.5 lpm to 4 lpms and produces a rich blue flame, not as strong as I remember but it is still blue. It runs for 5 minutes before beeping and than it crashes and the oxygen goes down to zero. I contacted a local place and they said they could look at it for 50$ and that it was most likely the filter. She estimated the repair to be anywhere from 200-300$ for something like that. I am worried about putting the money down on this and getting it back and having it not work as before or having it work as before and than breaking down in a year or two and having to put more money into it or something. I am better off at this point pivoting to buying a new concentrator? I don't have a lot of money and I don't want to buy something that isn't going to work. I read a lot of posts on here about people having 2 or 3 concentrators going at once! I know this set up used to work, it had worked for years prior and I am really worried now. I'm just a college student and can't take a huge hit. I definitely can't do the investment of renting oxygen, way too much.
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