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I picked up a 10 lpm in 2008 for $200 and I run my GTT Cricket on that and house hold natural gas.

I later got a 5 lpm along with a homefil and 5 knee high med tanks for $600 sometime around 2014 from someone whose father used them until he passed.

Got them both from Craigs List.

Some times you have to point out to sellers that they can't be used as medical equipment again unless they get recertified and then they have to be prescribed by a doctor to be worth the couple of grand the insurance companies paid for them new.
So unless the seller has a use for them with home welding work they really only take up space in storage and remind people of the loved one that used to depend on them.

Hence the $200 to $600 second hand price for them.

Of course you could save your pennies and get some of the (OMG) 15 and 20 lpm new units that are being made for us lamp workers.
( I droll just thinking about the hole I could burn in the back wall of my torch bench if I had one of those but then I would have to get the house piped up for one of those 500 gallon propane tanks and that would probably just melt my Cricket, which I bought on purpose to keep me from spending the grand kids college funds on torches and double Helix glass and such.)

"Good evening. My name is Phill and I am a lampworking silver glass addict."
I will have to open a chapter of "Glass Addicts Anonymous" one of these days.
We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of each other.

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