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Originally Posted by Hayley View Post
Lisi - this is exactly why I posted my experience with Devardi so that people like yourself who do sell your beads would proceed with caution. As you so eloquently stated, all of us have worked very hard to build our reputation and we simply "can't afford to have disasters down the road with cracked beads and very upset customers."

As for other posts directed at me, I have made it my personal practice to not answer anyone who does not have a name and link(s) to his/her work. My sincere apologies if this offends anyone.
I'm probably the only one doing this, and I have my reasons for it. If you knew my name it would make no difference. I'm a nobody. I just work glass and sell locally. I have no interest in having my name bandied about the internet, and since I don't sell online, I don't take pics of most of my work.

I think it's sad you won't reply to someone without them posting a resume.
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