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Originally Posted by Frogsongstudio View Post
Well, seeing as how I own the Torcbugs website, I have read the Devardi thread. And I'd like to point out, AGAIN, that that thread was started after the initial thread here on LE. After the Devardi people had insulted a bunch of people. They weren't acting out against Devardi. They were REACTING to Devardi. There's a world of difference.
I know you own that site. You should go read it again and see all of the nonsense that was written by your members. Talk about insults! Geez. They're the same ones who attacked Natasha so bad that her husband had to come on the LE thread to defend her. Anyone would do the same for their spouse. This thread, just like the one months ago is starting to get WAY out of hand. I suggest that everyone go and read the T.B. thread and make your own conclusions. That's all.


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