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Sorry for the TAG Buddha/Cezanne confusion. Here is the story:
Paul Trautman, the first guy to make colored boro rod, first made some soft-glass colors at the request of Ron Bearer and Rocio. He called them Dalai Lama, Buddha and Zeus. When Rocio sold them on her site, she renamed two of the three: Dalai Lama became Dali, Buddha became Cezanne, and the Zeus remained Zeus. Not sure why....
Then when we made more, Paul did some experiments and it came out different. Quite different. So we reclaimed the name that Rocio had discarded and called that Blue Buddha, or Buddha 2 in-house, because the first batch was sold entirely to Rocio. That is the Blue Buddha that Paula has, ABR has, Winship has, Artistry in Glass in Ontario, etc.
Now we have remade the Cezanne closer to the original. I think it's best if we just consider them to be different beasts altogether. So we have relented, and will use the name that Rocio first gave this glass.
So for you, the beadmaker, the question is, what's the difference? The Buddha is more transparent and somewhat less reactive. It gets a sheen, not a mirror surface. It is a transparent glass, and has little trouble with encasement. In fact, I like it encased. The latest batches of Cezanne vary too. Some are producing that mirror-like surface, others are more streaky like the original. This one also encases well.
I realize there are people who want to get the same effect every time, every batch, but that kinda defeats the purpose of these exciting, changeable colors, right? So many things impact the final result of a batch, that it's like Christmas for us every time a color comes out.
Thank you, Hayley, for your efforts to track all this information. If this makes anyone more confused, you can write me a PM or send a message to
This is Cezanne, with a mirror-like finish.
This is Cezanne, a variety of effects...
This is an older shot of Blue Buddha 2. Sorry it's a bit fuzzy! but you can see the reduction on the right bead, no reduction on the left bead.
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